NutKase Accessories’s Vision: To protect a billion devices in K12, while inspiring, empowering and launching the next generation of student entrepreneurs.

NutKase Accessories’s Mission: We enable every school and every student to keep their technology secure, no matter their budget.

Position Title: Head of Customer & Partner Retention

Position Start Date: June 2021

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This job is mission-critical to the long term success of NutKase, the role will be divided into three major functions. Retention, Success, and Delight, each of these functions will be spread across our direct accounts, our channel accounts, and channel sales reps. Retention is going to be focused on making sure existing accounts continue to buy from us year on year. Success is going to be focused on making sure the immediate post-purchase experience of the customer is exceptional. Delight is going to be focused on making our customers and channel partners know that we truly appreciate and love working with them.

Major Objectives & Key deliverables

1. Customer Retention

- Contact by phone & email every single NutKase Account and identify whether or not they are happy with our products and service and whether or not they will be needing to buy more cases from us in the future.
- Ask them a series of questions that will be provided to you.
- Log your findings and notes in our company CRM and set appropriate next steps and activities for the appropriate NutKase Account Executive to follow up with
- Warm-up our existing customers so that the NutKase Account Executive can step in at the right moment to close the business
- Your north star milestone is to ensure that every one of our existing customers continues to purchase from us year on year and that NutKase’s churn rate remains as close to zero as possible.

2. Customer Success

- X days after every deal is closed and the product has been delivered to the end-user you will follow up with either the end-user or the channel partner who closed the business asking them for feedback in order to make sure it meets and exceeds expectations
- X days after the delivery you will send the end-user a net promoter score survey to collect feedback
- X months after the delivery of the product you will email the end-user or channel partner to check-in and make sure they are happy with the product and ask if they will be needing to purchase any additional units
- If at any point the customer expresses an interest in purchasing more products, create an activity in the CRM for the appropriate NutKase Account Executive to follow up with and close the business.
- The north star metric/milestone is to ensure that every one of our new/existing customers is happy with the product

3. Customer/Channel Delight

- Working alongside the marketing manager & Head of Sales you will be coming up with and executing fun and creative projects/strategies to foster loyalty, increase mindshare, and express gratitude/appreciation to all our customers and channel sales reps who have sold and could sell our products
- The north star metric is making sure all our partners and customers recognize that we are super grateful and appreciative of their business and to foster customer/partner loyalty for our brand

Please read all the below information to better understand our company and the opportunity

Letter from the Co-founder - Why work with NutKase?

What is our purpose, why do we exist, why do we wake up in the morning and pour our blood, sweat, and tears into this business every day?

Why should exceptional A players join our team? Why should they leave their current job that is paying them well and providing good benefits and job security? Why should they dedicate thousands of hours of their lives to selling our products to K12 schools? Why should they choose us over other great companies? What makes NutKase different?

These are the sorts of questions my co-founders and I think about all the time..

We have come to the simple conclusion that if you are somebody who…

A. ...wants to grow and be surrounded by some of the brightest, hardest working, motivated, and persistent people on the planet!

B. ...has a desire to develop a greater purpose for your career and your life, by working with a company that is driven to impact the lives of students and help launch the next generation of entrepreneurs around the world!

C. ...wants to make real money while selling a product that is actually adding value to the lives and learning experiences of students, teachers, and educators around the world!

D. ...dreams of living an adventurous life, traveling the world, and becoming part of a global team that isn’t afraid of doing things differently and breaking the status quo!

E. ...has a burning desire to join a fast-growing company that is doing 7 figure revenue today, and have a direct impact on helping it get to 8 figures in the next 12-18 months!

F. ...isn’t afraid of jumping into the trenches alongside the founders of the company, getting their hands dirty, and working hard & smart to help hit the ambitious targets we are setting out to achieve!

If you just finished reading the above and are fired up and excited about learning more about our team and business, you are the perfect candidate for us!

That being said, I just want to finish by sharing one last thought.

Who you become is determined by the types of people you spend time with, work with, hang out with. Or better said by Drew Houston the founder of DropBox, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.

It’s no secret, we are always being influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.

My co-founders and I only want to surround ourselves with people who will push us to become better, smarter, happier, healthier, and more successful versions of ourselves.

Who do you want to be surrounded by in 2021, who do you want to work, build, and grow with?

I know with absolute certainty, that if you join our team, we will add tremendous value to your life and help you become a better version of yourself.

Oliver Page

These are our company values:

1:1:1 - One Student, One Devices, One Case
We believe that technology is transformative for student education and affordable device protection should be available for all

Spartan Designs, Built to Last
We make high quality, protective and dependable products that last an entire educational lifecycle for each student

10 Star Customer Service
Not 3, not 5, 10! We are continuously pushing ourselves to deliver customers and channel partners a 10-star service experience. Everything we do - how we act, treat our customers/partners, and how we build our product - should be aimed at creating WOW moments & experiences! Our ultimate metric for success is a WOW experience that will help disseminate positive viral word of mouth sharing from customer to customer and partner to partner. (We want to deliver an American Express Centurion Lounge experience to our customers ;)

Heck Yes or a No
We are laser-focused on doing more with less by executing only a few things that truly matter to deliver our customers and partners an exceptional product, service, and experience.

Empowering Entrepreneurship
We inspire, empower, and launch student entrepreneurs worldwide.

Have integrity & Show Respect
Respect your team, our customers, and the industry. Don’t be late for calls & meetings; don't take calls or speak to others during calls; keep promises; embrace diversity and stick to your deadlines. Never engage in negative comments about competitors or anyone who criticizes us. We treat our customers as our friends. We don’t say anything you wouldn't say to your friends or family.

Speed Wins
Let’s aim to reply to customers, partners, team members as well as execute and get things done as quickly as possible - and then find a way to do it even quicker! Speed and efficiency can be one of our greatest competitive edges in our industry!

Extreme Ownership
Confident, Independent Problem Solvers - We promise to take responsibility and accountability for our successes and failures. We guarantee, no matter what that we will continuously push ourselves to improve our products, services, and team to deliver a superior experience.

We strongly recommend visiting our hiring webpage to learn more about our company and the opportunity: